Friday, July 2, 2010

Stitching Catharsis

Since the 19th of June I've been steadily working on this piece as a gift for one of Confetti's two vets.
She's a bit more complete at the moment, but I haven't taken a newer picture yet. The name of the piece is "Achoo" and will look like this when I'm finished:
I think I may have to stitch the title onto the top right corner somewhere to make sure the joke is conveyed properly.

Currently the beginnings of her tail and the partial back foot are in progress, the two unfinished legs and her belly are more filled in, and I could jump into the half cross stitches that make up the spots at any time.

I have a different kit for the other vet and I will post about that one once I get started. I'm hoping to have this one completed by the end of the holiday weekend... which luckily includes Monday since FH actually has a day off. ;-)


Caseymini said...

That is so cute! Poor sneezing puppy!LOL

Debie Lyons said...

This is so cute and I am sure it will be warmly received.

Debie xxxxxx

Kathi said...

What a nice gift! I'm sure your veterinarian will love it! You are so sweet to do this.

Ara said...

Very cute!! And I love the joke! You def should stitch it into the corner!! hugs, ara

Alice said...

Achoo! Love it! Do stitch the title so that slow-witted people understand it too.