Monday, July 19, 2010

Irritating Respite

FH suggested I pick up a small UFO (unfinished object) and use it as a distraction from the frustration of frogging the white in the Flowerpot Kitty. The project in question was started when I was in junior high school (18+ years ago) and was never finished for one reason or another.

Here's the original amount of progress.
And here is what I've managed to get done, as I work around the numerous mistakes that my pre-teen self made in this piece.I have stopped counting every mistake I find because it's just too irritating. Instead I'm pretty much doodling with thread right now in the attempt to create the lattice around the flowers. The other vexing issue with this piece is the remainder of the lighter green has gone walkabout. I need it for some back stitching of flowers, but I will make something work. I could have used it to repair the biggest mistake...

The original kit shows the blue butterflies studded with yellow French knots which I believe I shall replace with straight stitches which I think will look less clunky.

This week will be quite busy. Monday I am on the quest for supplies for a needlepoint class. Tuesday members of the stitching guild and I have the pleasure of meeting the instructor for a demonstration of rag rug techniques, lunch, and shopping. Then on Wednesday we have the actual class. I should have pictures Wednesday.


Debbie said...

Good Luck with your Class Kat. Hope you have a great time. Love the pictures in your previous

Katie said... is a beautiful peace, and just think of how proud you'll be when you get it done:) I, too have a Mickey Mouse that I started 15 plus years day I may finish it?!

Have fun in class:)

Ara said...

Looks great! How cool that you are finishing something you started so long ago!