Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where've I Been?

Ara knows I've been spending the last few weeks chained to the kitchen table while I worked on the swap item for Sans. I had to stay away from the blog to prevent any temptation of blogging about the project. Unfortunately mum is still the word until the big unveiling on Halloween.

On top of that our washing machine decided to die the day before my birthday. We went and looked at some and ended up getting one I wasn't overly fond of in favor of the high energy efficiency idea. In short, the new machine sucks rotten eggs. I hate it. The only thing good about it is it looks cool. We have since gone back to the store and told them they are going to take it back from whence it came and trade it in on a new washer dryer set that is more like what I wanted in the first place. Not sure when this drama will officially be over, but I believe it will be sometime after the hE washer is gone and the new set is delivered and installed. Here is what my hallway looks like right now and it will only get worse as the days pass.
Even Confetti is afraid to go down there. The piles of laundry are scary!

My workroom (glorified craft closet) is also terrifying.
But I have no intentions of dealing with it for at least a few weeks.

I also have been stealing time to work on the lighthouse cross stitch. Luckily one of the special interest groups for our Stitcher's Guild is "Counted Threads" so I was able to stitch at our meeting last week. As of this moment I just need to finish the rock at the bottom with one color and complete the remaining back-stitching. I have to have this finished, blocked, and framed by Friday.
Somehow I found the time to work on more of the layette I showed you all a few weeks ago. Here's the bonnet. I still need to make the ties, do the trim, and do the decorative motifs. The recipient was born Thursday morning, but this won't fit her until Easter so I don't have to rush.

Yesterday was the Annual Spin In for the Bishop Hill Fiber Guild. It was an extremely productive day. I met other people on Ravelry, did the work on the bonnet, learned how to use my spinning wheel, bought a fleece, picked up a nice skein of Merino, played with Angora bunnies, and took a class in microwave dying.This fleece is from a sweet little ewe lamb named Beyonce. If you click here you can hop to the website with her picture. She is a Romney crossed with a Border Leicester-Wensleydale cross.I am going to enjoy this once the new washer gets here.

The dying class was a lot of fun. We learned how to use acid dyes, Kool Aid, and Wilton Cake dyes for fibers. These two pictures show fiber I dyed with acid dyes.This one shows fiber I painted with Wilton Cake dye.
Once the color is on, you wrap the fiber in saran wrap and put it in the microwave. I took these pictures after the fiber was cooled and rinsed. I plan in spinning the actual roving at some point. I'm not sure what I will do with the mixed yarns from the first photo.

Tuesday our Guild's quilters are meeting to discuss what types of techniques we want to learn and see who wants to teach them. If I can get to it, I may take the purple and blue quilt to get basted...maybe.

I do have some minis that need to be made before Christmas. And an ornament for the Stitcher's Guild ornament exchange... and gifts for family, etc to be working on for the next several weeks.

That's pretty much everything worth mentioning. Here's hoping the washer issue gets resolved quickly so I can quit making phone calls and dealing with it. I know I have some new followers to welcome and a couple of awards to accept. I will try to get to that Monday. There's just so much to do and so much to catch up on.


rosanna said...

Welcome back Kat. You have been busy, haven't you? Do not overtire and get that washing machine as soon as possible. I'm curious about the swap....but I know I have to wait until Halloween. Mini hugs Rosanna

kathi said...

WOW! You HAVE been busy! I love the wool and can't wait to see what you make with it! I had to laugh when you said your craft room was "terrifying." My entire house looks like that right now! :)

Michelle said...

Congrats on the spinning and dying! Think you have enough hobbies yet? ;-)

Caseymini said...

No wonder we haven't heard from you! How do you find time to breath?!? Love all of the stuff that you have been doing. I can't wait to see what you do with the dyed wool. The bright colors are great. I just went through a vacuum cleaner breakdown. I got lucky though. The new one is a dream. I hope that your second try on the W and D turns out better than the first! Good luck!

Debie Lyons said...

WOW kat and welcome back. They say give a busy women things to do but my goodness I dont think you could possibly fit anything else in. I love the wool too, I would dye it and then stare at it for ages before I could use it LOL Your very talented.
Debie xxx

Sans said...

LOL! Kat, you made me laugh! You really should not be spending so much time on the swap for me !! I will love anything you make! Although I must confess, this swap took quite alot out of me so much so the total sum of my posts for September and thus far is 3, I think :). Your lighthouse piece is looking really beautiful .

Sans said...

OMG! What you did for me is BEAUTIFUL and FUNNY and absolutely WILD! I LOVE IT! THANK YOU, KAT!

pussman said...

I have to say it comforts me to see the mss at other people houses,
I know what you are going trough. I hate doing the household, I would like to do other things all day,
But that's not possible. A pitty.
And the laundry is so timeconsuming, terrible,!!
Good luck with it!