Monday, August 31, 2009

Layette, Lead, and Leather

The weather this weekend was absolutely gorgeous. FH and I took advantage of Tempie's improvement and escaped the house for a while.

Saturday was sewing circle, where I crocheted instead of sewed. A college friend announced his impending fatherhood so I dug out a crochet project that has been hibernating for about five years now.

The jacket had been mostly finished except for the end of one sleeve and the button edges. Now it just needs the bit of pink trim and the pink flower motifs.
One bootie was finished and it's pink motif was done but not attached. I've started it's mate now.
Not to be stuck inside all day I joined FH and our friends in the task of pouring "round ball" for the muzzle loaders.If folks want to know more about this process, I have blog fodder and pictures.

While I took a turn at casting, FH started work on a knife sheath that he's been meaning to start for a month or so now.It's not finished yet, but I will get pictures when the work is done.

Gotta run. It's gorgeous outside again and Tempie is still eating on her own! :-)


Kim said...

Oh what a lucky baby that will be that receives that baby jacket and booties- they are adorable and so delicate and sooo pretty!!! Glad to hear that Tempie is eating on her own and doing better :)

Ara said...

So glad Tempie is still doing well! Such great projects you have going on! The metal balls look scary to me (I am terrified of getting burned)!! You're brave! -ara

Tallulah~Belle said...

Oh minute crocheting...the next playing with molten metal crack me up :-)

The jacket is really sweet...they'll love it.

Glad Tempie is well enough to be left a little while.

Sharon said...

That sweater is adorable. I'm amazed that you knew where to pick up after all the time.

jess said...


Love the projects.
Still need the snail address :)

We really need to figure out a time that we can all meet up! I have not seen you guys in far too long!