Sunday, October 25, 2009

Give and Take

FH gave me whatever viral nastiness he came down with last week. I am typing with tired hands and bleary eyes right now. He has run off to play in the woods with a compound bow and arrows tipped with broadhead points. Hopefully he gets something; the freezer is getting bare.

The washing machine drama is not yet over. It was supposed to come with the new dryer on Thursday. Somehow the washer ended up being marked for dock pick up at a store two and a half hours from our house whilst the dryer showed up on time. They tried bringing us the washer today but the wrong one was on the truck. I'm about ready to start spitting nails, but I fear the loss of iron would make me feel even worse.

Five days ago my nephew and his wife welcomed their third child into this world. Baby Beau joins big sister, Sadie, and big brother, Levi. For those of you wondering about generational mathematics, this particular nephew and niece-in-law are the same age as me. That's what happens when you have brothers and sisters old enough to be your parents.

I finished the layette. It still needs to be washed and blocked but here are pictures of the jacket:I made the 6 month size, so it will not fit our friend's daughter until Easter. But I think it will look great over an Easter dress. :-)

Jumping back to the family news, I decided it would be fun to make matching sweaters for Sadie, Levi, and Beau. I found a pattern for a vest with a hood in one of my crochet books. Each one will be a different color and size, but otherwise they will match. I thought them posing together in their sweaters would be a fun picture opportunity for their parents.

I've started on Levi's already. I'm actually further along than these pictures suggest. The back is finished and I've almost gotten one of the front pieces finished. I really just don't feel like playing with the camera right now.Here's a closer look at the texture.I'm using a DK yarn by Sirdar for all three of them. Levi's is called "blue twist."

I know I still need to get the promised pictures of my treasure from Jodi up here. Maybe if I can find some energy I can fight my way through the jumble of furniture (everything is still out of place from the attempts at large appliance delivery) to where I stashed her away from the cats. I think I will go ponder the situation and see what happens.


Debie Lyons said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly Kat. I know how you feel the germs are going through our house. The layette is lovely and congrats on the new arrival.
Debie xxxxx

kathi said...

That little jacket is just adorable! I can't crochet or knit so I am really impressed by your work!
Hope you are feeling better and get your new washer soon. You will have lots of germs to wash away!

Kim said...

Feel better soon Kat!