Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Best Treasure Ever!

Here is my long awaited post about the lovely treasure made by Jodi Creager for Ara's "Up From the Basement" swap.

I am in absolute love with her!Isn't she the most lovely dearly-departed you've ever seen?

She is intended to become mistress of my haunted San Fran when I get it back from storage and start work on it again. Until then I think she will have to be Ezzie's house guest in the witch's house. Of course this means I have to get Ezzie's house started and Ezzie made. Oh darn. ;-)

Thank you again, Jodi for such a beautiful doll.


rosanna said...

Really awesome, a beautiful gift I know you'll be a happy bunny Hugs Rosanna

Ara said...

She's awesome!! So glad you had fun with the swap!!! -ara

Debbie said...

Absolutely fantastic, what a wonderful swap.

Kim said...

WOW!! She is fab!!!

Sans said...

Wow indeed !! It's gorgeous, Kat! I do however rank what you did for me right up there as well :).

julie campbell said...

Beautiful ! the swap sounds like it was great fun and you must be so thrilled with this gorgous ghost :0)
julie xxx