Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tempie Bun

The latest on Tempie is she's actually eating enough on her own. This means she and I are both free from the stresses of canned pumpkin, at least for the time being. The pain medication is helping tremendously. The signs of infection/fever are also abating. Her activity level has increased a bit.

We are taking her for surgery Friday morning. The vets will be removing at least one tooth and filing down the other molars. They may also clip a bit more off her incisors since I don't think they did enough when we were there last week.

The bad part about this surgery is the tooth they need to extract is one they tried taking out before. It's in a really bad spot and the roots are wrapped where they shouldn't be. She ended up almost bleeding to death last time. According to the vet, she looked pink when they got the bleeding under control. They had to keep her overnight then and push fluids so she could start making new blood. This is the other reason the surgery is on Friday; we can pick her up Saturday if necessary.

FH and I are going to be camped out with both rabbits at my mom's house from Thursday night until either Saturday night or Sunday morning. 'Bert is going with to get a check up, which leaves just the cats and mice here. Little D's mom is going to come over and feed them for us.

Hopefully during the week I can get some sewing posts up and running. Or even (dare I think it?) some miniatures going again. ;-)


Leigh said...

I really, really, really hope the surgery goes well.

Kim said...

Lots of well wishes for the bunnies- I hope everything goes perfect. A big hug to you Kat!

Debie Lyons said...

Fingers Crossed for the bunny op Kat. Often peeps dont realise just how much you can love your little critters. (((((((( hugs ))))

Debie xxx

Ara said...

I'm praying that all goes well for little Tempie. I know this will be a nerve racking time for you. hugs-ara

Caseymini said...

Good Luck to the bunnies and to you and FH too. Hugs all around!

Alice said...

Thanks for the update on Tempie! The surgery sounds serious, but the vets are aware of the issues, so they will be prepared. Positive vibes are being directed your way.

The Carolina Quilter said...

Poor Tempie! I hope everything goes well for her!


Sans said...

Be sure to let us know Temple is alright after Friday:). Most importantly, that you and FH are ok :). A post on sewing or mini should do the trick !

Katie said...

I hope everything goes well on Friday! Poor thing! Hopefully she'll be good as new soon:)
Big Hugs!!!