Sunday, January 22, 2017

Blue and Burlesque

Short post this week. I've spent all week cleaning house because we have company this weekend. A friend came up for the weekend to join us for a burlesque show. The group is local and they always put on a great performance. The group is co-ed and their larger choreography numbers are quite elegant.

After the show, we met up with some of the performers and other mutual friends for pub food and desserts. Dancing does work up an appetite.

Now for the blue! I started the blue fingerless gloves today while we killed time before getting all dolled up for the show.

They're working up fast, so hopefully I will get them finished sooner rather than later. I might not get to make use of them this winter as it's already unseasonably warm here. But we'll see. The weather patterns in the midwest are always strange.

For now, it's actually 1:20 in the morning on Sunday and I'm heading towards bed. I thought I'd make up for forgetting last weekend's post by getting a jump on today's post. Plus we are all winding down from having such a fun evening! See you next weekend!

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