Sunday, June 26, 2016

Snakes and Tomatos

I've been playing with clay all week this week. Lots of fun things to share!

Monday was mass producing tomato and "Not Tomato" teapots.

Tuesday marked the beginning of a new sculpting and painting challenge. 1:12 scale ball pythons! They've taken up the rest of my week for the most part. I've been studying up on the different color morphs being bred into/from captive balls and they're quite numerous and even pretty. Thanks to some advice and education from a friend a fellow streamer, I've found myself down an extensive rabbit hole of information.

On Thursday it became apparent to me that I'd lost my mind. These are 1:12 scale ball python hatchlings! Their eyes are 0.5 mm glass beads. Happily I used beads that were already colored. No painting required!

I briefly detoured from snakes long enough to gather up prizes for a giveaway I held on stream Saturday.  I don't normally stream on Saturdays but this was special to celebrate over 200 followers on my channel. It was so much fun! Instead of only one giveaway chance, I decided to surprise my viewers with a second chance at a prize. Both the plush elephant and the "Not Tomato" teapot will be off to their new homes next week!

On Saturday's stream I started painting the pythons. First up was a gravid (full of eggs) female piebald morph. I say she's gravid 'cause I made her a bit tubby. It works. Photo reference here.

Next up was a smaller male Super Pastel Lesser. (Snake genetics is weird but fascinating!) I'm not super pleased with how his markings turned out, but given this was only my second attempt at painting these types of markings, it's not bad. No, you're not imagining things. Yes, the snake IS pink! If you'd like to see the photo I used for reference, click here.

That's all for now. It's almost 2 am and I'm still winding down from all the excitement.See you all next weekend. I'll probably have a few more pythons painted. Maybe I'll get to a few other things too. Until next time!

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Юлия said...

Hi, Kathleen! Kettles very funny, this is an interesting idea! Snakes are realistic, but not horrible.
Привет, Кетлин! Чайники очень веселые, такая интересная идея! Змеи реалистичные, но не страшные.