Sunday, June 5, 2016

Fuzzy Bunnies

Between the holiday on Monday and Thursday being mini club day, I didn't get much done in the way of streaming or projects. But the three bunny sculpts are no longer "nekkid." This is what they looked like before I added the flocking. The paint was there as a placement guide, not necessarily a color guide.

The grey and white bunny went first. He had the least complex coat. His flocking was cut from DMC 5200, 414, and 415. Some of the colors were blended as I cut.

The seal point bun was next. His flocking was DMC: 5200, 437, and 938. Again, I blended colors as I cut the flocking.

And finally, the mini version of Jackson, my friend's bunny. His flocking colors were cut from DMC: 5200, 433, 434, 801, and 938. All of his brown tones are blends.

Jackson was the hardest to do because he's a mini copy. The other bunnies' coats let me use my imagination. Mini Jackson is now residing with my friend. She loves him, which is what I was hoping for. She didn't know I was sculpting him.

I also made her some mini fat quarter bundles using bits of fabric from quilts she's actually made.

On Friday I managed to squeeze in baking a cake. I"ve made this one before. It's flavored with orange juice and zest throughout. Very delicate flavors and nice on a warm day.

But the rest of my week was spent cleaning. And cleaning is boring, so I shall spare you the details. For now, laundry beckons and I need to figure out what projects to stream this week. See you next Sunday!


Michelle said...

I know about the mundane; most of my life is made up of such. But your shares are wonderful!

Юлия said...

Hi! Rabbits are very cute and realistic! Your blog is very interesting.

Юлия said...

Какие милые кролики!