Sunday, May 22, 2016

Running Late But I'm Here!

Sorry I'm so late posting today. I actually forgot it was Sunday and started piecing some quilt blocks this morning. Then FH went on a 30-mile bike ride and ended up needing me to come and rescue him. ;-)

So over the last week I finished a couple more bunny sculpts and finally made one I was happy with. All three are now painted and waiting to be flocked.

The color patterns for the seal point and grey/white bunnies came from a bunny calendar I had handy. Next up for them: dotting the eyes with gloss varnish and flocking the bodies so they're fuzzy.

I started making the flocking on Friday night and got about a third of the way through before my right index finger went numb. Apparently my scissors handle was too small and resulted in a pinch nerve. It's getting better, but typing is a tad fiddly.

There is an advantage to making my own flocking. I can create "tweeded" colors that are blends to help the fur look more natural. Plus I can get any shade I want, instead of being limited by what's available commercially.

Since these got finished before I started the blog post, I'm including them. Another Twitch streamer is collecting blocks for a Quilt of Valor project. I thought it would be fun to participate, so here's what I came up with.

Counterclockwise, starting at the top left: Single square with appliqued star; bow tie; 9-patch variation; snowball; and a flag. I played around with the flag design to take advantage of the fun fabric designs.

That's all for now. I've got some more sewing to do and I need to work on cutting flocking some more. See you all next week!

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Audra said...

Bunnies are looking great already!
Can't wait to see them fuzzy