Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Little Handbags

I think I went a bit overboard this past week. I wanted a break from hats and there was a neat modern handbag project in a mini mag that I'd recently picked up.

Monday's stream Saw me experimenting with different bits of thin leather. I learned that of the leather on hand, the thin suedes worked the best. So in this photo, only the mulberry leather bag (and the binder clip bag I made for funsies) were kept.

Tuesday I raided my stash of suede and pulled out three colors to play with. I also picked up some "bling" to make them spiffier. I also cut out several more bags in different colors and the card stock supports pieces. That took quite a while.

I thought it might be fun to use both sides of the suede so I could get different textures. Both of these blue bags are from the same piece of leather! :-)

Wednesday was a really long stream. I assembled 11 bags! The first red bag also got its decorations.

I had to call it quits around 7pm so I could eat something. Once I'd caught my breath, I did these two black bags quickly. Again, note the difference in the textures. Same leather piece for both.

So now I have lots of these bags. Not sure where all of them will end up, but I couldn't resist all the different colors. Sadly, the mulberry leather has the same texture on both side, so I can't get two different bags from that one. Also the other side of the leather that ivory bag (left front) doesn't have an appealing texture, so it's a singleton as well.

Thursday was mini group day. We organized more than we worked on projects. But we have 2 full Saturdays panned for this summer! And we've divided up this year's Festival dollhouse! So it was a productive meeting.

Friday I cleaned up many things downstairs. It was long overdue. And Saturday FH  and I watched the Derby with our neighbor. I made a cake that evening, but it's still setting up in the fridge and I'd prefer not to disturb it for a picture. If I can, I'll get one and add it to the post later.

For now, it's late (just barely technically Sunday morning) and I need to finish cleaning up the kitchen and go to bed. There is a "Welcome Home" party for "Little D"... who isn't so little anymore. He's all grown up and back from serving a tour of duty overseas. It's going to be a wonderful Sunday afternoon!

*** Edit: As promised, the Margarita Cake!
(That gel layer is tequila, grand marnier, margarita mix, and gelatin. Needless to say, must be 21 to consume in the US.)


Kitty And Kat Miniatures said...

Beautiful! I've always been curious, what leather works best? I know it needs to be thin, but is there a specific grade of leather or type?

MiniKat said...

It needs to be a thin leather that is not processed to look metallic or shiny. For these purses, I used velvet pig suede, but something like leather reclaimed from old kidskin (goat) gloves would also work nicely.

Miss Kitty said...

Holy moly, I love that cake! And the little handbags are fabulous, too.