Sunday, March 13, 2016

Shamless Filler

It's raining and Daylight Savings Time has robbed me of a much needed hour in which to get things done. I've been fighting with a computer program that I'm determined to master and the last week has seen me out of the house more than in it.

So, today I'm going to show off a couple of paintings FH and I did last month. Our niece's school was doing a fundraiser for a trip to Puerto Rico and the four of us (her mother included) were actually able to paint together. Much fun was had by and and many cookies met their demise. 10/10 would happily do that again.

I love the way FH's sky looks like a burning sunset with churning clouds. The shading on his sand is most excellent as well. It's definitely about to rain here... the clouds in the foreground are building upwards and the sea is turning green. I can almost feel the wind picking up speed when I look at his painting.

I did a less stormy sky and created more of a cove. The little palm trees were just aching to happen while I worked. It took me forever to be happy with the water. I also went back and added shading on the sand after I saw FH's idea. It's calmer in my little cove.... night time is descending and wrapping the world in a blanket of shadows.

The highlight last week was meeting this little lady in person.

Her name is Kaya and she belongs to one of my favorite glass artists, E-Jipt. They were rolling through the midwest on their cross country move and I was lucky enough to be able to drive down to meet up with them. She loves to play tug of war and when E-Jipt is live streaming from his stupid, she sometimes gets into his lap and has screen time. Kaya has quite the following in the community. Many regular viewers have suggested that he add another camera under his workbench so he can change the view to feature her when she is nearby.

So that's all for this week. I'm hoping to figure out the software I'm working with and get back into my studio tomorrow. We'll see if technology and I can reach detente.

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