Sunday, March 20, 2016

Art Studio in Miniature... Work In Progress

Last week I started working in earnest on some ideas I'd been playing around with in my head. The first was a mock up of an easel. I couldn't find a tutorial on one I liked anywhere, so I winged it. This one is done in balsa wood. 

It's been stained, had paint smeared on it, and been aged with a black wash now. I'm missing the current picture of it. I'm putting it into one of the Attic lamps after it's varnished. Waste not want not.

The second easel is done in basswood, It's slightly different, as the sizes of wood strips I had on hand were different than the balsa. I made a hinge for the back leg out of fabric that's stained to (sort of) match the wood. There is a length of chain from an old necklace keeping the leg from flipping too far out.

I've stained it with cherry. The top "thingy" that holds the canvases in place will be added once I get a canvas on there. I need to start a painting on a canvas so it's a work in progress.

Speaking of the canvases I made a few of them and a handful of brushes as well. There's a palette that still needs one side varnished too.

A while back, True 2 Scale Minis did a tutorial on a plein air watercolor painting set up. That got played with too.

Yesterday I made some labels for spray cans and tubs of gesso. Hoping to get those worked on today and Monday. The palette needs finishing, including paints added to it. I'm thinking this easel needs some paint drips, but perhaps not as many as the prototype received. Also need to throw together a table and or stool for this scene. And then there's the paintings themselves... Hoping to get it all finished by Tuesday afternoon... Wednesday at the latest. 

Wish me luck!


Michelle said...

I have no idea how you create all those itty-bitty things!

MiniKat said...

Patience, determination, math, and a dash of insanity. ;-)