Sunday, March 27, 2016

Art Studio Progress

So far, this is what the room looks like. I decided the artist would be working on a seascape featuring dolphins. The wooden oval on the floor is a placeholder for the table that I started building last week.

Now that I have this picture, the lighting is off. Drat. No time to go take another though. The dolphin "model" is made from a rubber toy that came in a sea creature variety pack. I carved the wooden base and drilled holes to insert a section from a straight pin. The poppy flowers and pictures are "left over" from another painting in the studio.

Originally I wanted to use bamboo chop sticks for my table legs but they didn't work so well. I switched over to a wooden dowel and decided that the legs needed carving to be better looking. Again, drat the lighting in the photo. I still need to carve 4 more of these because the table has a lower shelf.

That's where the project stands as of this moment. I'll be back at it tomorrow! See you next week!

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