Sunday, December 6, 2015

Not Even Halfway

But it's a start! Here's what I'm putting into the storefront build. The boxes are from the blog,  Amber's House. She made the printies for personal use only. Poke the link to see her instructions and check out her other tutorials while you're in the the neighborhood.

For the icicles, I ended up using metallic embroidery floss. It's laid out evenly across a piece of double-sided tape, which is attached to a scrap of cardstock. The cardstock is glued directly to the piece of transparency film I used to close up the box.

The boxes of "snow" have a section of glitter-covered scrap booking cardstock showing through their openings. I thought the glitter looked enough like fake snow and I wouldn't have to worry about it leaking.

There are still more boxes to fill. Most of the others are made though. But I've got a long way to go yet. Only one box of lights is done and there are many more ornaments to make.

I doubt it will be finished by this Christmas, but it will be a fun thing to work on and maybe get finished in time for next year.

Right now, I've got a commission that is taking up my time. Quilting miniatures for a friend's mother-in-law. I'll try to have them finished by next weekend. See you then!

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Sarah said...

Oh wow!! A delight to see so many of them. Looking forward to seeing the shop. Thanks for getting in contact, this is a project i wanted to see them in. Great idea for the icicles. I'll have to do that for's been lying empty 😃thanks for sharing. I'll put a link to this blog post later..on phone and not too savvy using it 😃