Sunday, November 1, 2015

Forward Progress from the Top Down

This is the front of the charity dollhouse. Whomever built this spent a great deal of time and love in doing so. The front door does work, but the windows are all painted on. I'm leaving it as is, but I will be making removable Christmas decorations for the outside.

I forgot to get a picture of the inside before I started slathering everything with gesso. The back wall of the attic room was papered with life-sized plaid wrapping paper... two coats of gesso finally got it hidden enough so it won't show through behind the new wallpaper.

Speaking of the new wallpaper, here it is:

I had that wallpaper lingering in my stash and thought it would be perfect in this dollhouse. And this is the tentative layout for displaying the dollhouse at the auction. The walls need another coat of paint. I'm using Delta Creamcoat's 'Bamboo' for the walls.

While the paint was drying, I hopped over to Casey's blog and searched through her tutorials. I thought I recalled an easy way to make nice bed pillows and I was right. Hop over there to see how she does it. 

I started with some scraps leftover from upholstering the sofa and chair (further down) and played for a bit. Cookie came out of the Trading Post catch-box and decided to test them for softness. 

I ended up needing to trim a bit off the selvage end of the fabric (see her instructions) to make it look right on the single bed, but overall I was pleased.

Then I got serious about dressing the bed. One of my friends who's been helping with the furniture kits had the twin bedroom set in her stash and donated it to the cause. We;re only using one bed, the dresser, and the night table here though. Not enough room for the vanity table or second bed. But the second bed means a side by side before and after photo.

Now the upstairs room will be completely finished once the walls and floor are done! 

I mentioned upholstery earlier. The soft bits are done, but the frames needed one more coat of paint when this picture was taken. As of this afternoon, the frames just need sprayed with sealer and allowed to cure well. Then the cushions can be glued in place. I'll be making some contrasting throw pillows too.

I should get back to it while the weather is nice enough to use sprays. Lots to do today, so I'll see you next week!

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