Sunday, October 25, 2015

Short Update

Things are still moving slowly here. Getting used to new medications is never easy and right now it's miserable. I've done some quilting, but haven't taken pictures of the rows themselves. I did catch my helpers the other day though.

I'm taking my friend, Michelle's, advice right now and just being kind to myself. If something sounds fun, I go and do it. If something doesn't seem like a good time and there's no necessary reason for it, I skip it.

I've helped with some Christmas tress this week and have all the furniture ready to paint for the charity dollhouse. After fighting my thread snapping no less than a dozen times in rapid succession (in the same 3" section of quilting no less!), I've given myself a break from that insanity until tomorrow.

Until next weekend!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

What would we do without our helpers??? I posted a photo my son snapped of me and my doggy therapist last week; a sanity-saver for sure. Glad you are taking care of yourself! (((HUGS)))