Sunday, November 8, 2015

Four out of Five Ain't Bad

With the exception of baseboards, four out of five of the rooms are redecorated!

The lack of flash doesn't do the colors justice, but I'm happy with how this room has come out. Putting down flooring in one piece, on a tight budget, was maddening  but I finally found some wall repair paper at the hardware store that had a bit of texture, was wide enough, and is paintable. There are a few bubbles, but some gentle rubbing flattens them out without wrinkling.

The bathroom furniture is still being worked on.... and not all of it is going to fit. But this is a house to be played with, so being able to switch out furniture is more fun.

The bedroom had the neutral paper when the house got to me. I kept it as a focus wall and brightened up the room with paint and flooring that coordinate with the border. I cut the border strips from a piece of real-life, striped wallpaper. The threshold is a scrap of "wood" flooring paper that I kept from a previous project.

The bed is now fully dressed. I played with Casey's no-sew pillow design to create the larger shams.

The living room is very neutral. This room will have the option of being decorated for Christmas or being an everyday room, so I wanted plainer colors to let the accents shine. I cut another threshold for this doorway, but it won't be installed until the kitchen is finished.

Once the sofa and chair are in place, you can see just how small the interior space really is. Again, there is more furniture for this room than will fit. But "play with-able" is the key.

This is the bathroom sink. I used a different strip from the same wallpaper I cut the bedroom border from to accent the doors.

Kitchen hutch. This is a Michael's hutch that I dressed up with some real-life wallpaper scraps. The design is the same blue that's going into the kitchen.

Yet another strip of wallpaper from the original striped piece. The directionality of the hearts works well in this piece.

Medicine cabinet. I decided on the same strip used on the sink for this piece and only did the sides.

There are also some more ornaments ready for the mini tree.

That's all I've got, picture-wise, for this week. There are seven pieces of furniture left to embellish/finish painting. The bulk of it is staying "plain" to allow the eyes to have a resting place. Then it will all get clear coat later in the week when it's warm enough (hopefully!) to let it cure outside.

I need to get back to work, so I'll see you next week!

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Michelle said...

That is a LOT of teeny-tiny work!