Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sneaking In A Project

I decided to help someone learn how to make simple jewelry earlier this week.  We had a great time with a fast and highly rewarding project and I thought I'd share my half of the deal.  I cannot show the other half since a mutual friend (who might read the blog) is receiving the pretties for Christmas.  However once the gift is given I can fill you all in on the rest of the story.

I neglected to take step by step photos, since I didn't even think about it.  But here's the finished products.

I bought the snowman beads at a semi-local bead shop.  I just love snowmen.  We used Swarovski crystals to keep the headpins from slipping right through the bead.

My little guys were done in about five minutes, accounting for me stopping what I was doing to give instruction to my companion.

I picked up some other shapes while I was shopping.  I plan on turning them into earrings and stash them for gifts next year.  Less stress by planning ahead.  I'll see how many I can put together with the supplies I have on hand, perhaps yet this weekend.

For now I must feed Castor, since he's currently between me and the laptop, and crash for the night.


Caseymini said...

Kat, Love the snowmen. Really cute. How is Tempie doing?

MiniKat said...

She's starting to think about nibbling food, but she's not really digging in like we want her to.

I'll keep you posted. :-)