Friday, December 31, 2010

Miniature Treasures from Yule

This Yule/Christmas saw several new miniatures added to my stash.  I've got a couple of projects whispering to me from the other side of the basement.  Maybe in the next few weeks I'll give in.

Belated birthday gifts from my mini group in St. Louis.  The fern is by IGMA Artisan Mary Ellis.  The Halloween candy is by Fay Zerbolio.

Christmas gifts from the St. Louis group.  The sailboat is made from Baltic amber.  The fern is also by Mary Ellis and the candy by Fay Zerbolio.

The stash of baking minis I ordered from Marsha at SassyMiniDolls.  FH stole them before I could open the box, wrapped it, and put it under the tree.

A door and windows from FH.  A third window is coming when they are back in stock.  They are earmarked for one of those "whispering" projects I mentioned.

Reutter hamper from my in-laws.  This was the free gift that came with the subscription to Dollhouse Miniatures that my Mother-in-law has been getting me for the last three
I hope everyone's New Year is filled with fun, creativity, productivity, happiness, and good health.  See you all in 2011.


Sans! said...

Happy New Year Kat! :)

And congratulations for getting so many pretty little things on your birthday :) and a belated happy birthday too!

Leigh said...

Kat, your post on Castor doesn't have comments enabled, so I'm commenting here. Just want to give you a big cyber hug.Castor's a lucky guy to have you two as humans.