Monday, October 11, 2010

Painting - Before and After

Towards the end of last week I decided that the living room/dining room really needed painting before I bring my dining room set up from down south.  Especially since that room's paint had been sitting in the way since early March.  Here's a look at the former wall color, with some of my autumn/Halloween decor for contrast.

Now here's the same view with the new paint on the walls.

I love love LOVE the new color!  And as an aside, don't Kat's hats look great in that random Halloween bag I did up a while back?  They look absolutely fab against the new paint too!
I can't wait to get my dining room furniture here and in place.  The chairs are actually here but need reupholstering... quite literally.  There's nothing left of the original materials, only the wooden frames remain.  That will be an upcoming project, perhaps next week.

I've got to get back to real life house work again.  We're having company for the weekend and I"m hoping to get all the random clutter, laundry, etc out of the way so I can scrub, vacuum, and mop on Friday morning.  I'll also be doing some baking later in the week.


Caseymini said...

The new paint is a vast improvement! It really looks good!
Love the Halloween scene too.

Marlene said...

Kev and I did our house work this past weekend, so I'm free for a while. like the new paint colour, much warmer. Your display is looking good. Hope you are well.
Regards marlene

Anonymous said...

The new color is wonderful :)

Katie said...

Love the new color!! Marlene's right, warms everything up... And it matched your halloween bag! Cute scene btw!!

Sans! said...

Oooooh colour of fall! I think you really have picked the perfect colour. Your home looks soooo cosy . You don't want to leave it :)

Anna said...

what a pretty color! I never would have thought of painting a room that color but you can't tell how a paint color will turn out until you use it! great choice!