Thursday, October 28, 2010

Going Once...

I finished a couple of related projects yesterday and today.  Everything in this post was donated to my Stitcher's Guild's annual Silent Auction.  The event is next Tuesday and I have my eye on a particular something.  If I get it I promise to post about it.
First up are some sewn pumpkins.  These will be divided up into three lots: the large one by itself and two lots of three little ones.

Poke the images for a better view of the embroidered leaves.  I had the most fun with the small pumpkin on the top left.  The fabric is green on green images of leaves and  such so I embroidered branches and berries onto it.

Next are two more crochet top towels, Halloween themed.  They're just like the ones I made before but I used different yard for the flowers.

I'm going to have my hands full tomorrow helping a friend do some more renovation work in her home.  Catch you all later!


Katie said...

I really love your pumpkins! I like the material you used, and I like all the detai work you did on them.... So when you gonna do some in mini?? :)


Kim said...

I love all the detail on those pumpkin leaves- they are beautiful! I love the curly vines too :) Good luck on your bidding at the auction!

MiniKat said...

@Katie: When I can stand to be in my mini work area without bawling my eyes out 'cause my best helper isn't there.

@Kim: Thanks! I hope they bring some good money for the guild. Hiring judges for our annual show in May is getting more and more expensive.

Janice said...

Fantastic work