Saturday, October 9, 2010

Felt Cookies with A Side of Book Review

So while my parents were visiting for my birthday my mom picked up a new book on felting. ("Felting-The Complete Guide" by Jane Davis, for those who might be interested.)

We flipped through it and I saw a few projects that were intriguing and she offered to let me play with the book for a while. The problem is I don't have any fiber to use for felting right now, at least not for this project(greens and blues), and I really didn't feel like waiting on the spare cash to remedy the situation.

One of Ms. Davis' projects is an adorable cookie ornament. She suggests that one could use store-bought felt but it won't look as nice as one made from thicker, homemade felt. For giggles I decided to try it out anyway, using store-bought felt and glass seed beads to pose as nonpareils. This is what it looked like:Frankly it looks like the baker left out the baking soda and/or powder. This would be why Ms. Davis warned against using store-bought felt. For obvious reasons I can't show you the picture in her book, but take my word for it... the one made from the homemade felt looks better. Loads better.... like "get me a glass of milk to go with that cookie" better. I even used two layers of tan felt, hoping I could make up for the thin nature of cheap felt.

Not to be utterly daunted I made a second one and took advantage of the two layers of tan felt. While I was at it I even stuffed behind the "icing" layer of the cookie. To make it easier to tell them apart the second ornament (on the left) has sprinkles.I liked this stuffed version better and opened up the first one (on the right; tan layers only) and poked some stuffing into it. As you can see I have a much poofier (that's a word, right?) looking cookie-thing.

Now that I see the two ways to stuff this cookies, I think I prefer the stuffed cookie but unstuffed icing. I also think the first cookie needed more nonpareils, but that can easily be fixed. I do like the sprinkles on the second one, which is what Ms. Davis called for in her original. I did use a thinner thread for my embroidery since I was working with a thinner fabric.

All in all I'm happy with the end results but I really want to get my hands on some roving in the right colors so I can do the entire project properly. I think it may have to wait for next year though since it's getting colder here and my hands don't like being wet and cold in colder months. Waiting gives me time to find the right rovings and something to look forward to. Also I might be able to talk Mom into trying the fabric making too since she's the one who bought the book.

And speaking of the book, I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting either more information on felting or is looking for some cool projects ideas. Heck, I may have to improve my knitting just to play with a few of them. Anyone who knows me should take that as a testament from the heart... and for those of you who don't know my knitting is horrendous on a good day.

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Anna said...

I like your ornaments! I'd be perfectly happy with them if they were mine, lol. But then again I'm not really so good at anything crafty. I'm decent at crochet and knitting but nothing else really. =)