Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stitching or Pixelated Vision?

The Flowerpot Kitty piece is done! One of my guild members had the right black floss to finish the back stitching. We had a meeting at her home on Wednesday and she happened to have the floss in her stash. She very much wanted me to finish a project. I guess my habit of having multiple projects going at once scandalized her. (She never starts a new project without finishing the one she's already started.)
I will be framing this and the Dalmation puppy over the weekend.

Next up is my mother's birthday gift. I started it on Monday of this week and had the stitching done Wednesday afternoon. The framing was put off until Thursday due to a lack of acid free adhesives in the house. A quick trip to the scrapbooking store fixed the issue and framing was a breeze.
I should note that the decorative mat and frame were part of the kit. It's part of the Daydreams collection by Dimensions.

Third we have the project I started to keep my hands busy while I looked for replacement thread for the kitty. It's also a Dimensions kit and meant to have a surname and year stitched in the middle. I'm not sure if I'm keeping this one or giving it to my in-laws, but I can figure that out once I get to the year.

Last is the old Frank Lloyd Wright piece I started last year. It was supposed to be a Yule gift for my dad, but I got distracted when Uncle Will died. The goal is to finish this up and get it framed for his 90th birthday next weekend.
Luckily I had gotten quite a bit done before life got in the way. The only cross stitching left is the light green blocks around the left side and bottom. Then it's all back stitching.


teddy bears Marin to Venice said...

i tuoi ricami somo MERAVIGLIOSI....molti complimenti !


Sans! said...

The kitty piece is really pretty, no wonder your team mate wanted you to complete it quickly :):).

I am one of those who don't work with multiple project well :). At the moment, my thing is stitching too :).

Love the one with the houses. But the piece de resistance for me is the gift for your mom. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The frame is just a stroke of genious! I am very curious about the Frank Lloyd Wright one that you are making for your dad. Do show it when you are done , ok?