Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Holi-daze Have Begun

On Tuesday the Stitcher's Guild had a treat party with ornament exchange. Anyone who wanted to play just had to make an ornament and bring it wrapped to the party. Some were quilted, some were stitched, some were crocheted. All were gorgeous.

For those who may have missed the pictures of my ornament, here it is again:
My friend, Maxine who hosts the Quilter's group, received it.

I was lucky enough to receive this gorgeous card and ornament made by my friend, Teresa who is also a budding miniaturist.
I had to so off the card too, since she made that as well. :-)

Then on Thursday the local miniature group had their party and gift exchange. I put together these Christmas treats that my friend, Bobbi, received.
Some of you may recall that last spring I taught the club members how to make layered cakes. When I opened my gift I was pleased to see that Marti had taken that concept and had been practicing.
I just love this little cake. I spent so much time admiring it that it took me a moment to realize a second little box was inside the big box. Inside was this adorable jell-o dessert (jelly, to my friends across the pond) ringed with strawberries. Marti said this was a purchase, but she was pondering trying her hand at some in the future.

Friday I mailed my part of the Christmas swap to Marja. I hope you like it, Marja! :-)

Now to do some cleaning and try to get the minis made for my St. Louis miniature group's Christmas and missed birthdays.


Debie Lyons said...

They are all lovely Kat.
Debie x

A. Wright said...

I have to admit, I'm very jealous of your mini club. The only one around here meets on Tuesays at 1 pm :(

Jill said...

Those ornaments are beautiful-- and I'm lovin' the mini's. I'm really embarrassed to say that I'm running late on your mini swap gift from Rosanna's swap. I'm trying to find the materials to make what I have envisioned. I'm hoping to finish in the next couple of days.

Marja said...

owwwwww what exciting!...kat
I will definitely like it! ;-)
everything made with love is wonderful I think!
I will send you an email when it is inside ..

what a wonderful ornamet made you!
and nice little exchange, you also got ...
sorry if there are errors in the message .. I sit writing this with the google translator
big hugg Marja from Holland

MiniKat said...

Thanks, Debie.

April that's such a bummer. Maybe you can start a new one that meets on an evening in the near future?

No worries, Jill. It doesn't take as long for domestic postal service as it does for international. Just email me when you've got it mailed. :-)

Marja I think google translator does a fairly good job. I cannot wait for you to receive your gift. :-)

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures said...

I love the ornaments and the miniatures! What special gifts. :)