Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Swap!

Last night I finally got to open my package from Jill! :-)

I was so excited I almost forgot to take pictures. Almost. ;-)
Everyone should note the chocolate on the right... and know that it didn't last long. Mmm..nothing like chocolate to start the holiday.

Of course everyone wants to know what is inside those adorable pink boxes...
Wow! I believe my squeals of delight caught FH off guard. I love each little treasure, especially the cookies with a treat for Rudolph. How can people leave treats for Santa and forget about the reindeer? ;-)

Thank you so much, Jill!

And since it's already posted on her blog this morning, I can finally reveal what I made for Marja as well.
Merry Christmas, everyone. I'm off to spend some more time with FH.


Eva said...

WOnderful gifts. I have love this SWAP because I have fun a lot!!!

Kim said...

So cute! I received one of those plates for Santa and the reindeer in a swap from Jill too- they are so adorable! I love the little teapot you made-hope you have a wonderful Christmas Kat!!!

Debbie said...

So many wonderful Mini Gifts being swapped around the world, they are all fantastic..Merry Christmas xxx

Liberty Biberty said...

Beautiful gifts, both those you gave and received!