Sunday, January 6, 2019

Slow and Unsteady

Not sure what I've done to myself, but I think I've pulled a muscle in my abdomen. Few things irritate me more than when it hurts to sneeze. *sigh*

So I've been slacking this week trying to keep it from getting worse. Taking it easy hasn't helped much, so I'm calling my GP's office Monday. Of course this is right in the middle of her maternity leave, so I"ll have to see one of the other people.

Not much else has been happening. I'd planned on doing some miniatures over New Year's, but friends talked me into going out to dinner with them instead. So between balancing regular housework and trying to behave for the pulled muscle, not much else has been happening.

FuzzyHusband is getting ready to go on a hiking trip... and by hiking I specifically mean snowshoeing. I'll have several days to play and work on my own schedule while he's off playing in the snow with friends.

We did have a bit of fun Skyping with our sister-in-law on Wednesday. We got to see the nephews open their holiday gifts. Or at least the 3 year old opened the gifts. He did show his infant brother his toys though. It was darling. He's such a wonderful big brother.

On Thursday I covered a friend in saran wrap and duct tape. He's an avid cosplayer and needs to make a pattern for a couple of new bodysuits. Think: Superman. The best way to do that is to create a duct tape double, and of course you have to protect one's skin, so that's why the saran wrap's used. FH helped, which sped up the process tremendously.

And Saturday we had to take apart the dryer to find "whatever" had died in there. The whatever turned out to be a vole that somehow made it past the screen on the dryer vent and was inside the ventilation pipe. I get to rewash an entire load of linens now. I shall spare you the photo of the corpse. We bleached the section of hose connector that I found it in. Ick.

So I should go run the dryer again to vent out anymore stink and hope we cleaned it well enough. I"ll have my hands full later getting costume ideas sorted for the next burlesque show. Rarely a dull moment and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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