Sunday, December 2, 2018

Why Are Sundays the Busiest Days?

 That's what we woke up to last Monday morning. FuzzyHusband worked from home and I cancelled my appointments for the day. Our neighborhood wasn't plowed at all until much later in the afternoon. I spent the day adding more things to the curio cabinets.

On Tuesday I went and saw a friend who's been having a rough patch. They have three kittens. The kittens decided I was warm and soft. I was more than ok with this.

Wednesday we finally moved Victor upstairs. He's still not thrilled about his change of scenery.

Friday I did some more cleaning and rearranging. This chest used to sit in the dining room, empty. Now it's home to various hair clips and cards from FH. I also hung our wedding photo on the wall, further freeing up space on the dresser.

Saturday I baked. I baked a lot. Two of Mary Berry's Tunis cakes, but decorated in my own way. I was quite proud of the snowflake/flower mash up I created with the holly leaves on this cake.

I forgot to get a photo of the second cake before it was cut. I used the 8 cut away sections from the first cake's holly leaves to decorate the second one, along with more red berries. I did did a photo of the last slice with a little help from FuzzyHusband.

The reason I was baking was a "Friendsgiving" celebration, hosted by a dear friend. He doesn't really have family in the area, so he decided to have a celebration with close friends after the holiday when everyone would be available. Much fun was had AND he cooked one of the best turkeys I've ever eaten.... and I loathe turkey. I went for seconds. The best part was he'd never cooked a turkey before yesterday!

Another friend did some baking too. He brought a Cherpumple. You might have heard of a turducken, right? The chicken stuffed in a duck that's stuffed in a turkey and cooked together. Yeah. This is a baked goods version. Three different pies baked into three different cake flavors. It was a heck of a thing!

Today's been full of cleaning, a niece's choir concert, and a burlesque rehearsal. I still haven't gotten around to sorting through this bin of treasures gifted to me by a mini friend who is transitioning out of 1:12 scale and into quarter scale.

That will be something fun for next weekend! We've got another Friendsgiving party next Saturday too. And I still need to put up my decorations. So yeah. I'd better get to it! See you next Sunday!

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Michelle said...

A Cherpumple, huh? Don't think I'll be tackling that challenge, but wouldn't mind trying a slice!