Sunday, October 23, 2016

Late But Here!

Fuzzy Husband and I just got home from a quick trip south. We went to St. Louis to meet up with many other Twitch live streamers and community members and had a wonderful time!

So backing up a bit, last Monday I was pondering working on a new dress for myself. However I decided that it was time to finally look into upgrading my sewing machine. I've used the same one for 27 years and quite frankly, it makes sewing more work than play.

I went and looked at some options, got information, and came home to negotiate with Himself. Tuesday I went back and came home with this:

I have to say that I'm in love with this machine. I can do so much more with attention to detail without spending extra time on a project.

It quilts like a dream. I quilted together some random fat quarters to test it out. I can also do free motion quilting, but I need lots of practice!

So I finally started my new dress on Wednesday night. I picked this Burda pattern.

It did need about 4 hours of alteration.

Artie just had to help, of course.

But the final result is perfect! Himself was suggesting I make pouty faces and other foolishness whilst taking photos. Silly man.

I got it finished at 3 am Saturday morning, so I was able to wear it to the Twitch meet up. Good to know I still have the skills, even though I had ignored them for a while!

That's all for this week. I will be doing some heavy cleaning this week. Making up for time lost while I was sick. I'm hoping to play a little bit this week though. See you next Sunday!

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Michelle said...

Kat, so good to SEE you after years of comments on each other's blogs! I stand in awe of anyone who can create beautiful, custom-fit garments for themselves and others; I am among the most basic of "seamstresses."