Sunday, August 21, 2016


I needed to take some time this week for self-care, so I don't have any project pictures to show off.

What I ended up doing creatively was figuring out the dolls that I will need for my Haunted San Franciscan house. It's a house party, so lots of them.

This is the list so far:

- Headless Horseman (1)
- Werewolves (2 adults, one pup)
- Mummies (1 adult, 1 kid)
- Frankensteins (1 adult, 1 kid)
- Invisible Man... don't know how this one will turn out, but I'm going to try it
- Vampires (2 adults, 1 kid)
- Witches/Warlocks (3)
- Ghosts (1 adult, 1 child) [I already have one ghost, made by Jodi Creager]
- Phantom of the Opera
- some type of creature to be the nanny in the room with the kids

Then I played around with figuring out some other dolls that I know I want/need for other projects.

- Esmeralda, the witch that Hibiscus helps out
- the man who breeds ball pythons, for my ball python breeding set up
- a couple of anthropomorphic characters to practice those types of figures

None of these dolls are on a specific timeline. I'll likely make one here and there. Heck, the San Franciscan house isn't even built yet! Neither is Ezzie's house. Which brings me to the next list...

Projects that are waiting for me to have access to a laser cutter: (Note: the MakerSpace is in the process of getting the laser cutter operational. So: soooooon!)

- 1930's nursery scene: windows
- Patchwork Peach Quilt Shop: shelving
- Bertie's (the "naughty" doll I inherited) box: plexi-glass shelves
- New windows and doors for the San Franciscian
there were two more ideas for other projects, but I couldn't (and still can't) remember them

Projects that require me to repair something that didn't work right, or Artan broke, so I can finish them:

- FuzzyHubby's hunting cabin: front wall of cabin is warped
- second Attic Lamp needs re-wiring
- Trading post needs the bed repaired and a smaller mattress made
- completely repair my Independence Day room and cut thin plexi-glass for the front... thanks Artan

I'm not even going to list the projects in various states of progress right now. It would be disheartening.

But these lists will hopefully give me a bit of focus.

What I want to work on in the next few weeks:

- getting some work done in my dining room/kitchen box
- dressing Hibiscus
- a couple ball pythons

Wish me luck and I'll see you next weekend!


Lady Jane said...

Sounds like you got quite a bit done. We all need a self care break. I hope all is well. Hugs, LJ

Юлия said...

Good luck! These lists require a lot of work and a lot of inspiration! I'm sure everything will be great!