Sunday, August 14, 2016

Blackwork and Bodypaint

I'm irritated because I'm missing things. Specifically the inner wall for the roombox that will become my kitchen and dining room scene, and the brown cotton leftover from a sewing project that I want to use for Hibiscus' skirt. Spent all week looking for both in between doing chores and whatnot. I shall be miffed if I have to re-cut the inner wall.

Speaking of Hibiscus, I added some painted details to her skin. I also painted her shoes.

I'm hoping to get her dressed this week, but if I can't find the skirt fabric I'm going ot have to change gears with her clothes.

I did find the severely neglected Aragon Blackwork project while searching for things. When I last worked on it, almost 3 years ago, it looked like this:

Today it looks like this:

The red thread above the design is me gridding out where the blackwork border belongs. 

So that's the extent of the creativity on my part this week. Except for planning, which is boring without drawings. ;-)

I'll leave you with pictures of post-bath Mercedes as I try and get pictures of the feather in her fur. She was uncooperative.

See you next weeekend!

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Юлия said...

Hello! Let all there and hibiscus will have a beautiful dress. Very beautiful and interesting cross-stitch pattern. I also love to embroider a cross. Greetings Mercedes by Archibald.