Sunday, February 21, 2016

These Shoes Were Made for Sleepin'

Once again I'm not going to show off the chevron quilt progress. FH and I found out his grandmother was feeling well enough to make the trip to meet her new great-grandson, so we headed south so we could see her too. Well worth skipping over the chevron quilts again.

I did finish a fun project for our little nephew.

They are already almost too small! He's got big feet for a baby his size. Takes after his daddy and his uncle. ;-) They both had gigantic tootsies at birth as well.

But his mom and dad both love those iconic sneakers and think the booties are adorable.

Time to rest up so I can do laundry and try to get the quilting on the last chevron done tomorrow. I'm going to try and have the binding made and machined on before Thursday night. We'll see how well that works.

Until next time!

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