Sunday, February 8, 2015

Folding and Molding

I got into the mood to work on some bolts for the Patchwork Peach during the week. If I recall correctly, these bring the total up to 442 bolts of fabric. I've got fabric for another 20 or so and then I'm going to stop making bolts until I get my shelving sorted.

I also unearthed some mini fat quarter bundles that I made a few months ago. I'll be making more of each colorway at some point.

Yesterday I thought I'd get started on making a cane of candy decorations for a St. Patrick's Day themed cake. I got as far as mixing a brick of White with a brick of Translucent before my hands decided they'd had enough. It took the length of a movie on Netflix to mix. Hopefully the greens won't be as bad... I don't need as much of them.

The project is a sample for the mini group's March project. I thought I'd give myself plenty of time to make the sample and handout for them. They're getting the instruction for the cane in the handout, but I'm supplying the finished cane that evening. It will save on time and frustration all around.

Artie has taken to sleeping in the ancient cat condo in the dining room while I work. I managed to sneak a couple of pictures without disturbing him too much. This one is my favorite, despite the bit of fuzz on the lens when I took it. Gotta love the kitten toes!

Anyways, I'm going to go mix up some green clays and hopefully get going on the cane today. Otherwise I'll be another day behind. See you next week!

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