Sunday, February 15, 2015

An Early Start

Not on the day, but for a workshop/project I'm teaching next month. The local mini group will be making 1:12 scale green velvet cakes for the March project. I spent time this past week getting a few things ready for them. [Oh and I hope everyone had a nice St. Valentine's Day!]

What took up most of my time was the cane of candy I designed for them to decorate the cake with. In fact I haven't even gotten the cake part started beyond deciding on colors and making notes for the handout.

But the cane is finished and I've gotten half of it rolled out and baked!

I still have about 3 inches of the unbaked cane to roll out and bake. I will probably try to come up with a few other things to do with it.

I've already made lollipops and stick candy.
And of course there are some teapots made from bits trimmed off the cane ends after stretching.
For fun, I tried out a cookie jar type thing with a chunk of cane end, just to see how it would look. The bit I used was at the first end I trimmed off when I started stretching the cane, so the shamrock design isn't quite all there, but I'm actually quite taken with it and will try doing another one or two.

I'm not going to have the mini group members actually make the cane at the meeting. It takes way too long. But they are getting the instructions and design in their handout in case they'd like to make more at a later date. They're also each getting a piece of finished cane to use for their project.

I'm also planning on putting the finished project instructions up on my Etsy page as a download for a couple of dollars at some point. There may be someone out there who would like the instructions.

That's all for this week. I need to get working on the little cakes so I can get pictures and finish writing up the handout.

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Drora's minimundo said...

Nice work! I love the teapots.
Hugs, Drora