Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fat Quarter Bundle Tutorial

I thought I'd post this, even though it's Saturday. It makes up for last weekend's post being late.

This week I worked on more fabric bolts, but I also started doing something with all the mini fat quarters I've been accumulating.  Some friends of mine were over and one of them came up with a cute idea for using the fat quarters.  I thought I'd share for those who might be interested.

You will  need:

- a set of 4 to 6 coordinating miniature fat quarters (for measurements, click here to go to the earlier post)
- glue and a tooth pick
- a clothespin
- a thin scrap of fabric or a piece of pearl cotton
 Step 1: Run glue along the longer side of the fat quarter and fold in half.
 Step 2: Put a dab of glue on one end of the fabric and fold in half again.
 Step 3: Put another dab of glue on one end of the fabric and fold in half again.  You might wish to put a dab of glue inside the folds of the cut ends, to help the whole thing stay folded.
 Now you have one folded fat quarter.  Whilst you're folding/gluing the other fat quarters, you might want to stick this on in the clothespin for safe keeping.
 Step 4: Arrange your folded fat quarters in a stack and secure with the clothespin.
 Step 5: Tie your fabric scrap/pearl cotton around the stack, knotting tightly.
 Step 6: Trim the excess from the ties and also snip any loose threads that might be lurking.
 You now have an adorable bundle of fat quarters!
 As you can see, my handsome assistant was present whilst I worked.  He likes laying on the clothespins.
I hope you enjoy making your own bundles of fat quarters.

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