Sunday, June 9, 2013

Booties and Blackwork

Hello everyone!  I hope lots of fun and crafting has happened for everyone in the past week.  I've managed to have some fun in between housework and cleaning up the yard.

I finished two more pairs of booties this week.  The first is lacking the coordinating ribbon to really be "finished," but the crocheting is done.  No rush though, because this pair is more my stash o' baby gifts.  I'm not entirely pleased with the crooked placement of the hearts on the instep.  I'll have to figure out if that was my goof or a misprint in the instructions.

The second is already on its way to the recipient on the east coast, via the baby's grandma.  I hadn't worked this pattern up before, but I believe I'll make more.  They were lots of fun!

Then I got more work done on the Aragon Blackwork piece.  I still haven't gotten to the actual blackwork portion of the chart, but I'm happy with my progress.  Last time I posted about it, it looked like this.
That's all for this week.  I'm beat after a full day of yard work followed by a day of crocheting.  I'll hopefully have the fourth motif of the blackwork piece done by next weekend and at least one pair of booties.  I may be late in posting next weekend... later than today.  FH, Gus, and I are headed south for Father's Day.  Artie and Pixel will be guarding the house, with a little help from our neighbors.

See you next time!

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