Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Puppy Sunday

More like "weekend, puppy weekend!"

FH and I took Gus to the local dog park both Saturday and Sunday.  He had an absolute blast on Saturday. We met several sweet dogs with friendly owners.
As far as projects go, I've been playing with some rough sketches for a bag  to carry essentials to the dog park.  Sunscreen, plastic bags, water, etc... I'm not quite happy with anything I've drawn up so far.  I'll probably sleep on it again and see what they look like in the morning.

I've also drawn up simple plans to make a washable cover for the old comforter that Gus uses for a bed in our room.  He ripped it on his first night here, so washing it is out unless I figure out how to repair the huge chunk of fabric he tore out of it.  I figure a box-style pillow cover made from fleece will do the trick.  Put a zipper in it and call it useful.  Nothing too fancy, just big enough for the old comforter folded into quarters (36" x 42") with a 24" sport zipper.  When the comforter finally disintegrates I can put a 2" thick chunk of foam inside it.

I've asked FH to make Gus a new collar with his name on it and some Celtic knotwork on either side of his name.  Not sure when he'll get around to it, but hopefully sooner rather than later.  Gus has been loosing weight (which is a good thing since he was way overweight!) since he was surrendered to the shelter last June.  He actually slipped his current collar of one day last week.  Happily he stayed right next to me instead of running down the street.

The cats are starting to adjust to Gus.  They aren't too happy, but things are evening out.  However, Pollux managed to rip one of his rear claws off sometime last week.  We're not sure what he got it caught on.  It's infected and nasty.  He's on antibiotics for the infection, but they're upsetting his stomach.  Hopefully we won't have to put him back on steroids to deal with the stomach problems.  His liver doesn't need the added stress.

Happily the medicine seems to be working.  The swelling is down enough for me to clean more of the gunk from around the quick easier.  I've been making him an Epsom salt soak and dunking the infected foot into it.  I'm not sure it's actually helping, but it doesn't burn or damage tissue like rubbing alcohol or peroxide would, and it helps my peace of mind.  Plus it gets him to wash the toe himself.  He's not too keen on bathing anymore these days.  That probably helped the infection take hold easier.  Ugh.  I'll let everyone know how he's doing next week.

 Here are some more pictures of Gussie having fun at the park.  He's one pooped puppy right now!  In fact, he's behind me, snoring away.  :-)

 See you next week!

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Kim said...

aw- how lucky you have such a nice dog park to take him to. He looks like such a sweet dog. I used fleece for my dog bed too and it washes well and holds up- but now my spoiled little pup insists on sitting on the couch instead so I've just covered the couch with a large piece of fleece-lol. Hope Pollux continues to heal well- have a great week!