Monday, April 1, 2013

Belated Happy Easter!

Our Easter consisted of a wonderful meal with our best friend, her two kids, her boyfriend, and his two kids.  It was total sugar-induced chaos, but it was sure fun to watch!  We didn't get home until late and by then the food coma had set it pretty hard.  In fact I'd forgotten all about the blog post not being done until a few minutes ago!  Better late than never!

Before I get going on the crafting stuff, I want to say that Pollux is doing really well.  He's to the point where you'd have to know him as well as we do to know anything happened to him.  I'm not sure he'll ever be 100% again, but frankly it's been a while since he was truly 100%.  His 14th birthday was this past Friday.  For 14, with his health issues, he's really doing well and we're tickled pink about it.

Last week I had the embroidery group from our Stitchers' Guild here for a meeting.  I made those dyed deviled eggs I tried out two weeks ago and had a veggie tray to supplement lunches.  The dessert and tea treats had a more interesting fate.

Dessert was a pink lemonade cake, the recipe can be found here, and it was divine.  Mine didn't get divided into the thin layers though.  There was an incident with the cookies I was trying out, namely I burned the heck out of a spot on my left palm.  By then I was tired, hurting, and just didn't care about making the cake gorgeous.  It could deal with just being delicious.

 I forgot about getting a picture of the cake before I cut it.  The top picture is all that's left to date.  The second one really shows the pretty pinks.

After burning myself, the cookies were abandoned and FH went out and bought goodies to have with tea at the start of the meeting.  I was tired anyway from all the cleaning and rearranging the furniture to accommodate the group. 

While the ladies were here, I finished a bit of some back stitching on a cross stitch. 
This piece is just a corner of a design that I made myself.  I'll show the finished piece off once we figure out how to get it copyrighted.  Everyone in the Stitchers' Guild thinks people would like to purchase copies of the pattern, so I think I'm going to look into it.  I've already made an electronic version of the pattern via some fun software FH bought for me.  That was my other project last week.

Thursday I took a field trip with a friend to a cross stitch shop, so nothing got done but shopping and girl time.  Oh darn! ;-)  FH had Friday off, so I spent it with him instead of crafting.  Darn again!

One of the things we did Friday was taking a trip to the local no-kill animal shelter.  My doctor wants me to have a dog.  Not just any dog, but a service dog trained to help me with my illness.  Apparently those exist now, and have been helping veterans cope with their symptoms.  The problem is there is a long waiting list for the local group who trains these dogs.  Minimum two years on the wait list.

FH and I were pondering rescuing an older dog from the shelter to keep me company during the day, and encourage being active outside, for the interim while I'm on the waiting list.  Then if/when I'm approved by the program, we can decide if I'm still in need of a service dog.  I may be better enough by then to not need one.  Plus we can get an older dog out of the shelter, making room for someone else to be rescued.

Right now we have two candidates in mind.  We've met one, who was a total sweetheart and liked us too.  The other we'll meet sometime this week, depending on the fosterer's schedule.  Then we'll make a decision.

That's all for now.  I'm headed back to the laundry after I finish this slice of cake.


Michelle said...

Oh, a new family member! How exciting!

Kathi said...

So happy to hear that you will be adding a new friend to your family!

All dogs need a good and loving home. I know you will find the one that is perfect for you!