Friday, September 17, 2010

Better Buns

Just a quick post to let everyone know 'Bert and Tempie are doing much, much better today. They both ate all of their regular food on their own overnight which means I can drastically cut the amount that I had to force-feed them. [In case some folks don't know this tidbit about rabbit care, if a rabbit stops eating for any reason their digestive system can ultimately shut itself down and they will die. To keep this from happening rabbit owners much literally force-feed them a set amount every day along with giving a medication to stimulate the guts to make them hungry.]

Now all I have to do is give them their courses of medicines and keep an eye on them. I'm more worried about 'Bert since he is the most recently sick and was actually closer to death. Tempie just had to get over the soreness in her mouth from having three teeth pulled. She's currently face down in her dish munching away.


Kathi said...

Good news about your bunnies. Hope they continue to improve. You are such a good mommy!

Anna said...

Hi, I just came across your blog on this site:

I know you wrote the comment a long time ago but I was wondering if your kitty ever got better? I didn't see any more updates on his health on the other blogs I checked out of yours, and I really want to know what happened with him. He looked so handsome in his little sweater, and I'm working on making one for my kitty Flake. =)