Monday, February 8, 2010

Colors of the Rainbow

I've been playing with color palettes for the new house and have gotten two decisions made and am working on a third. I have to apologize about the quality of them pictures. The camera isn't doing the colors justice.

First is our bedroom.The walls will be the peachy-brown color, trim will be the corresponding "not-quite white" color above it. Then I will be using one of the two purples to paint an abstract boarder around the room. The boarder will be about the same height as you would put a chair rail. I thought about painting it higher up but I want to put crown moulding in there at some point and don't want to have to repaint. I'm also in the market for a dark brown comforter for the bed.

Second is my sewing room/the guest room.
I'm keeping this one a bit simpler... just the two top colors. Like our room, I'm pondering a painted border around the room. This time it would be in the same color as the trim and I would probably use a stencil for a hand quilting design for the border.

This brings me to the upstairs bath. It's not what I really want to do decor wise, but I'm going to be using what I have on had because I already own it. Eventually I will replace the flowers with something more south western to match the rest of the public areas of the upstairs. But for now I'm using what I have and paint isn't as expensive as replacing linens, rugs, etc.

I'm currently torn color-wise because several of the colors in the palettes we like go well with the current linens.
You should recognize this one... it's the same color as the trim for the guest room.Starting at the green and moving to the right (ignore the blue), all three of these would work well.
I think I may have to ponder this one for a while. It may even come down to me going to the new house after we close and seeing what the colors will look like in the space. That's what I have to do with the choices for the kitchen and living room. Those two rooms open into each other, so the colors have to flow together. I need to see what our choices look like against the cabinets, but we're leaning towards shades of terra cotta/orange with other colors that remind me of home.

Eventually the only white walls will be in the furnace room and possibly the laundry room. I am sick and tired of white walls. Heck they might even get painted with warmer neutrals just to get rid of the white. ;-)


Tallulah Belle said...

Boy do I know that sick of white walls feeling :-)

I've decided to live in the house for a while before I make an decisions on color.

I've considered quite a few so far but still keep changing my mind.

I wish I'd not jumped in to paint my workroom so quickly as I really don't like these colors now...and hey are nothing like on the color chip.

What brand of paint is that ?

Almost there now !!!!

Tallulah Belle said...

Huh....that is only half my post...grrr.

I also said that I love the colors you have picked. I love the SW color palette too but ours isn't a typical SW house (even if it is in the SW lol) so I am having to be careful.

Painting a border is a good idea...I did that in all the bedrooms back in my house in England.

rosanna said...

I love those pallettes. I lovecoloured walls too, mine are yellow or blue. And very bold colours too. Have fun Rosanna

MiniKat said...

Ordinarily I would love to wait and pick colors once we've lived there for a while but the rooms are on the small side and I don't want to try and work around our king bed. So our bedroom gets to be painted first.

The kitchen needs as much quick help as it can get as we move in. The ultra dark real wood cabinets are fantastic and we're basing our color choice around them. They are just begging to to surrounded by oranges, rusts, and other cantina colors. You'll see what I mean once I have photos. ;-)

The paint is Pittsburgh Paints Grand Distinction: The Nature Collection.

Jess said...

I LOVE the tiny sample cans of paint color for just this purpose.

Also, your bedroom color scheme is almost identical to my guest room scheme except I went with a smoky blue and dark brown instead of the lavender palette. :)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Love that colour palette! Well done.
Away with white walls!

Tallulah Belle said...

Hmmm I'd not heard of that paint so I looked them up. It isn't available very close to us but the love the way they put them into groups. Might be worth a ride out :-)

They have some wonderful colors I could use in my Indian /Moroccan guest bedroom.

I used Glidden and was not impressed..nothing like the color cards and took too many coats.

Your kitchen sounds fab...ours is very hand painted white and glazed lol.