Saturday, November 14, 2009

What to Do When the Kitty Is Cold

With Castor's illness he's lost a lot of weight. So much that he's starting to be very cold and hides in our bedroom all day, buried in blankets.

Being the clever and determined momma that I am, I decided to fix the problem.

He's been purring his little head off since I put this on him. I used a partial skein of something that I had in my stash. The pattern is by JoAnn Moser, aka the "DIY Maven" and can be found on her website. I didn't have the required colors to make it exactly like hers, but I may make him a couple more so I can switch them out for washing.

Happily it also hides his skeletal frame that he's been sporting since the weight loss. No matter what we try we can't get weight back onto him. I'm starting to wonder if his condition is marking the beginning of the end. :-(

But at least he'll be warm.


Jill said...

Castor looks very stylish-- and quite content!
When you get a chance, would you please send me your mailing address for the swap? Thanks!

A. Wright said...

Oh my goodness, he loves his new sweater. You're the bestest kitty Mommy! I think he could use a matching cthulhu tuque though :D

kathi said...

What a sweet mommy you are! Your kitty looks so cute in his new sweater!

Caseymini said...

I am so happy that I am not the only one that makes clothes(out of necessity) for my cats. When Widget injured his back leg and had to wear a cast, I knitted him some socks to go over the cast so that he wouldn't lick it! It worked well. He was very proud of his sock. Good thinking, Kat!

Katie said...

Oh Minikat!! It's perfect!! I bet all the outside kitties around here would be so jealous!!! Castor is one lucky kitty!!

Kim said...

Nothing better in the world than a kitty purring with delight- and it looks so great on him!

Michelle said...

How sweet that he clearly shows his appreciation! I'm not all cats (like kids) would.