Sunday, October 8, 2017

How'd It Get to Be Sunday Again?

I must've blinked.

Anyways I've been playing with someone a lot. One of the rare moments she's not in motion.

I finally got to make some practice molds for the mini club workshop last Thursday. I was going to be teaching everyone how easy it is to use 2-part silicone mold kits, so I needed to play with the material first.

Those two little white smudges on the quarter are actually mini piles of rice. Those took a while to make and I'd been waiting to do so when I had molding compound handy. Now I won't have to make them again unless I loose the molds!

We had part of our sewer line back up last week. It happened when the washing machine drained, so that's been fun to clean up. No, not really. Thankfully the water didn't make it into either studio area or two where the computers are set up.

I've been working on the bras for the dancers too. They're coming along nicely. Just need to do fittings and tweak everything before I cut the real fabric. I really should get pictures of the muslins, but I keep forgetting to. Besides, kitten pictures are more fun.

Gotta get back to work. See you next weekend!

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