Sunday, July 2, 2017


As far as my writing goes, I'm being encouraged on multiple fronts to consider publishing a book of my poetry. So I'm slowly figuring out what pieces would be good enough, which need polishing, what are "good examples of practice" (aka rubbish), and pondering thoughts for new poems.

I did make a lovely salted caramel sauce last Sunday. It was perfect on top of the chocolate cheesecake... and on fresh fruit, potato chips, pretzels... ;-)

Pixel found Artie's hiding spot and claimed it for her own.

I've finally started in on a little pillow my sister asked me to make for her impending grandson. It's 5" x 6", sized for a wee rocking chair she's refinished for the nursery. I found the font I chose somewhere online.

Now I need to make piping, cut out the letter appliques, and put it all together.

See you next weekend!

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