Sunday, April 24, 2016

Finishing Things

I started the week off with the two N.A.M.E. Day storefronts that have been sitting on my off-hand desk since March. I'd forgotten how much still needed painting and varnishing, so I didn't get the assembly done until I was done with the stream.

On Tuesday's stream both rooms got filled with contents (mostly)  from my stash.

FH made all the jewelry pieces on black velvet displays in both rooms.

This room's dress, hat, and parasol were purchased when I was in college. I've had them cooling their figurative heels in a box for about a decade. About time they were out and able to be enjoyed! The purse was a gift a long time ago. I did make the hat stand and perfume bottles.

The dress in this room was made by a friend who has passed away. It's a little too tall for the room, but I didn't want to alter it.  Most of the perfume bottles were made when I was on a bottle-making kick a few years ago. The parasol was one of the first mins I ever made... and it shows. I couldn't afford silk back then. The wooden hat and jewelry stands I made on stream Tuesday.

These are the remaining hat stands made on stream. They'll get used in my regular hat shop. I need to see if I can find the wooden spheres again. No clue where these came from originally.

This Gibson Girl hat got started but then the glue had to dry.

Wednesday and Thursday saw me hiding from lots of noise and strangers. Too tense to work on minis, but we have a brand new roof on the house! I did do some sketching for some teapot ideas though.

Friday and Saturday FH and I worked on things around the house. But I made an overlay to help make the stream video look better. Today we're helping a friend with a project, so I won't get back to the studio until Monday's stream.

Until next week!

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