Sunday, January 17, 2016

Still Cleaning and Sorting

I've been working on and off all week on stuff around the house, so not much time for creative things... unless I'm watching other people do them.

There is a website called Twitch that allows gamers to stream the game their playing live for an audience. The channels are separated by what game a person is playing and anything in a section had to be related to the game in question. Twitch began seeing people doing art in various forms that related to video games and after some deliberation they launched TwitchCreative.

The Creative channels allow artists and crafters from all over the world to broadcast live as they work on projects. Many of them will even take commissions live during their streams. As they work, you can chat with them and some even walk you through what they're doing in detail. I've even watched/listened as a glassblower in Washington state gave pointers, tips, and safety instructions to a guy who wanted to start his own glassblowing set up.

Currently, I "follow" four glass blowers, two sculptors, a painter, a leather worker, a quilter, a cross stitcher (yes, people tune in to watch her stitch!), a woodworker, and a chainmaille artist. I've been known to load up one of their streams and let it play in the background as I work around the house. It's nice background noise... sort of like a documentary. Everyone is all over the world, so generally at least one of my favorites is working when I'm in the mood to watch/listen.

I do have a project to show off that I did back in November. I never got around to posting it for some reason. I signed up for a painting evening that was sponsored by a local bar. That type of event has become very popular around here.

In fact, I'm going to another next week so I'll have at least one project to show you next week. Until than, I hope everyone stays warm!

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Michelle said...

Your snowman looks very jolly – love it!