Sunday, June 21, 2015

Been A Busy Week

Happy Father's Day!

Monday started off with me driving a transport of 25 dogs from downstate IL to the local no-kill shelter up here. They were confiscated from a mentally challenged man who didn't understand how to help the animals being dumped on his property and breeding to excess.

Tuesday Artie need to see the vet. He had an that wouldn't stop tearing and weeping. It was obviously irritating him and just didn't look good. Squinting was the word of the day, which made him jumpy too.

Some medicated eye drops have done the trick and he's back to normal now.

The rest of the week was divided between sewing/quilting, cleaning, laundry, studying Spanish, and getting organized for the Row by Row Experience nations-wide shop hop.

The chevron quilt fronts and backs are now completely finished. Just need to get them sandwiched and start quilting.

Also I put together a little pin cushion using a pattern from a Missouri Star Quilt Company magazine. Scraps from the flag wall quilts came in handy.

The Dresden tea cozy halves are sandwiched and basted now.

I've quilted around the applique with invisible thread. The rest of the quilting will be in variegated purple.

Friday I had a sewing day with a friend and we started a quilt-along. We're using the same pattern but I'm making a runner with metallic fabrics and she's making a huge quilt... doubling the size of the pattern!  These are the centers of the blocks for my runner. I still need to finish piecing the turquoise and brown ones.

That's it for now. Here's a picture of Victor checking out his toy that I picked up last weekend at the expo.

And a picture of Pixel for good measure.

Have a good one!

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