Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tempie's Rose Garden Runner

I finished the top of my table runner! 

The first chunk that was finished up were the bunny blocks.  I think the embroidery really gives them life.

Then I made all my sashing pieces and put together everything but the long horizontal strips.

Next I made some special corner blocks to help make the whole thing "pop" more.
The above picture really doesn't do the pinwheel block justice, but it was the better one.  The picture quality wasn't the only frustrating thing about the pinwheels.  The first set I made ended up being too small.  The center pinwheel needed to be 2 inches square to fit the white border.  So I remade the pinwheels and they fit.

But then my long sashing pieces were too long.... which I didn't discover until after I'd attached the pinwheels.  My fault for being excited and not checking before I got carried away.  Easily fixed though.

Also the bow tie and broken dish block sections were shorter than the rest of the runner.  Apparently the cutting instructions I used failed to include seam allowances in the finished block size.  So I shortened the other sections to fit.  It's not like this is going on a bed, where size would be an issue.

The batting is already cut to size.  I don't have a picture, but I'm using white flannel.  It won't be too bulky to set things on this way.  Now I just need to decide on the backing fabric and get it pieced.  I have some fabric in my stash that I've been planning to use for this, but the manager of the quilt shop showed me some adorable fabric that has white bunnies and purple flowers on it.  I might have to change gears and use my other fabric for the binding only.

So this coming week I'll be getting that figured out and figuring out how I'm going to quilt the applique blocks.  I do know that quilting each section will be it's own project.  I'm doing this by hand and it might take a while.

I also (in theory) have to start stitching on some fine linen this week.  It's (hopefully) going in the Judged Show in May.
I'm a little disappointed with the linen itself already.  Most of the over-dye effect that I loved it for washed out.  Normally I don't launder stitching fabrics before I stitch, but something in my gut told me too this time.  I'm glad I did or else the threads could've been stained.  Whatever they used for mordant on the over-dye didn't do well on the linen.  I may have to call in help from a friend who dyes and see about re-dying the piece.

That's it for this week.  Catch everyone next time!

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Kathi said...

Your table runner is so pretty. A beautiful tribute to "Tempie." :D

You've done a wonderful job with this! Love it!