Monday, April 16, 2012

New Minis from the St. Louis Show

On Saturday FH drove us down to St. Louis for a day trip.  This time it was for fun and not because more things have been going wrong with my dad or any other family member.  Once we got to the hotel where the miniature show was being held, friends of ours came to pick him up for the day.  This left my friend that rode with us and I the car for the day.

Here are my treasures:

I knew I'd be needing my own pleaters since I can't  just pop 'round to Pat's to use hers, so I invested in all three sizes.
 Some tiny rick rack and some hat straw.
 This was something I couldn't possibly pass up.  A mammoth carved from mammoth ivory!
 I fell in love with this knitted Jemima Puddle Duck and while she was being wrapped up, I noticed this 1/48 scale teapot with a knit cozy.  Actually she had a selection, but this is the one that spoke to me.  I was wanting something more in the Quarter Scale Adobe room to make it look more real and this fit the bill.
 On my way to the door I passed by my favorite small scale animal sculptor.  She had these two cats that were destined to go into the Adobe as well.
 When I was done taking the above pictures, I decided it would be best to put the quarter scale things into their designated room.

 Once we were satisfied with our purchases, we went to lunch with my Aunt Pat and her cousin at La Bonne Bouche, my favorite French bistro.  It's also the place where we ordered our wedding cake. After lunch my friend and I killed some time at a needlework shop whilst Aunt Pat went back to the show for a few more items that she talked herself into over lunch.  Then we met back up at her home so my friend could see her minis. 

She had a big surprise in store for me that I'll tell you about next time.  See you then!


Troy said...

what great finds!

Minnie Kitchen said...

Great finds! Hope you had a great time!