Friday, July 8, 2011


Sorry it's been a while but things are rather less than sane right now.  During the last week of June the rehab place sent my dad back to the ER for blood loss.  Many tests were run, many more were vetoed as being too risky for his health.  In the end no real conclusions were made.

FH and I were planning on heading down to St. Louis for 4th of July/helping my parents/taking Tempie to the vet.  However those plans were thwarted big time.  Fifteen minutes after we left home on Saturday morning (two separate cars, animals all with me in the car with working AC) the car I was driving blew a tire.  [I should also note the car with no working AC belongs to my parents.  They loaned it to us until Dad's able to drive again, since we only have one car and this frees me up to come down and help.]  FH had to double back in the car w/o AC, offload the luggage and pets, and take the pets home.  Happily it didn't take long and he was back with me waiting on the tow truck... which never showed up. 

Instead a very nice state trooper came by and made sure the highway traffic moved over so we could get the spare on without worrying about being hit.  In fact he helped out with a better lug wrench than the one we have in the car!  I did have to call and cancel Tempie's vet appointment though.

So we limped the car to two different tire places before we found one that stocked the tires we needed.  However we didn't get our car back until Sunday and by then we were too tired to drive all the way to St. Louis just for FH to turn around and head home after one night.

The problem was I still had to take the car with no working AC back to my parents so the AC could be repaired.  This meant taking Tempie along was going to become very risky.  I called the vet and explained the whole mess.  He agreed she should just stay at home with FH.  He also said we could stop the bicilian injections, which is one less medication to worry about for FH.

So I'm here and they are all at home.  Tempie is doing great!  She's eating somewhat normally again.  And she's being more active than we've ever seen before.  Apparently she has more energy to find new places to hang out ike on top of the ottoman footstool.  She had to go "ATB" (all-terrain bunny) to get up there.  In fact that's where she was hanging out Saturday when we got home from dropping of our car.

Tile is also no longer a deterrent.  We've had to block off the area to the cat litter boxes because Tempie will happily wander off to them and dig out half of the litter onto the floor!  FH told me that he caught her exploring the bottom two steps on the staircase!   We're going to have to do something about that new interest. 

Oh and for the folks thinking healing thoughts for my dad, thank you and they are working!  He's actually home-home from the hospital.  The rehab place filled his spot after they sent him back to the hospital and my mom decided she was unimpressed with them anyway.  After a physical therapy evaluation it was decided he could go home!

Of course this means getting furniture rearranged to accommodate a wheelchair and whatnot, but that's why I'm here right now.  Speaking of, I'm really glad the vet decided Tempie should stay home.  When I got off the highway about a mile or so from my parents' house the car started overheating badly.  It was really sudden and I was able to make it the rest of the way here.  Turns out the water pump decided to die.  So it's being fixed along with the AC.  Tempie was almost stranded with me on the side of the road, in the dark, late at night (midnight), and with no one able to come and get us!  So happy she's safe at home with her daddy and the cats.

I'm worn out after a day of furniture shuffling.  But it was worth it to have my dad able to sleep in his own bed for the first time since his fall.  I'm going to get some sleep and hopefully be able to go home soon.  Thank you again to everyone who is sending us good thoughts right now.


Katie said...

Oh My! What an adventure! Glad to hear everyone is doing better! Hugs to you!!!

Caseymini said...

Kat, I am so glad that things seem to be taking a turn for the better. Take care of yourself while taking care of all of the rest! I love that Tempie is showing interest in new things and places to be. Hurry home and get life back to normal!

Mini Hugs,

A. Wright said...

Kat, I'm glad you posted today. Been keeping you all in my thoughts lately and am sorry to hear about the road trip mess. Hopefully the next update will have even more good news. Hang in there hon.

Miss Kitty said...

Still sending healing thoughts/prayers to your dad and to Tempie. :-)


Tallulah Belle said...

Oh my goodness...what a scary time. Glad oyu all got home safely. I am pleased you dad is doing better as well xxx